The 10 Commandments for texting…..



We’ve all had texting mishaps, you send the text to the wrong person, and as you watch that text being delivered you feel that sinking feeling in your stomach…..farrrrrrrrrk!

Here are our rules of thumb for texting……the devil makes work for idle thumbs remember!!

1. Thou shalt not drink and text

2. Thou shalt not get friends to compose text to potential new boyfriend/girlfriend

3. Thou shalt not repeatedly text if you have not received an answer – stalker alert!

4. Thou shalt not respond to a text within a nanosecond……give it some time!

5. Thou shalt not fight, break up or argue via text

6. Thou shalt not play games – its immature and it gets you nowhere, fast

7. Thou shalt not text just because you’re bored

8. Thou shalt not text for attention seeking – that wears thin on anyone pretty quickly

9.  Thou shalt not compose an essay. Keep it interesting. No one wants to hear a blow by blow commentary of your day

10. Thou shall – be yourself!! Its all well and good trying to be like someone else over text, not that easy to keep it up face to face!

World Cup Widow

world cup widowThe World Cup is rapidly approaching…….goodbye boyfriend and hello World Cup widow status!!

Urban Dictionary’s take on the football widow is : A woman who must cope with the temporary death of her relationship during football games.

64 games being played out over 4 weeks – what are you going to do to keep yourself occupied during the ‘wake’ of your relationship?! 🙂

Here are some handy ‘survival’ tips!!

1. Make sure there is two televisions in your home! You don’t want to be stuck watching the games and the post match highlights 24/7! Its enough to send anyone crazy!

2. Go shopping – preferably with your partner’s credit card! He’ll soon take his eyes off the television when he’s looking at the credit card statement!

3. If you can’t beat em, join em! Watch the games, perv on the sexy players!! Don’t ask AGAIN about the offside rule…..very annoying apparently!!

4. Suggest that your partner watches the game at the pub with some of his friends. That gets him out of the house and the remote back in your hands. Peace and quiet resumed!

5. If your country’s team lose, don’t try and console your partner by saying ‘its only a game’. This does not go down well. Fact.

Got a football obsessed partner? We want to hear all about it!!

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