Worst present ever


It was about a month before Christmas and my then boyfriends mum, who was very eccentric and off the wall asked my bf what I wanted for Christmas. I initially said not to bother with a gift but she insisted and after much resistance on my part I gave in and said a bottle of perfume would be lovely, my bf knew I wanted the new Stella McCartney and told her to buy that.

She on the other hand was rather particular  what she wanted and instructed us to purchase her a Le Creuset casserole dish Рlarge. Fair enough, the woman liked to cook. 150 quid later the dish was all wrapped up and under the tree.

Christmas Day arrives and we are all doing the present exchange, she was beaming with her new Le Creuset…….she proudly presented me with a box and I wasn’t prepared for what I unwrapped.¬† Adidas shower gel……Mens. Certainly a far cry from Stella flipping McCartney! The look on my face must have been priceless she was laughing her ass off.

She then gave her daughter who was anorexic a pair of size 18 knickers as her present. Those knickers could have fit about 5 of her in them.

I wanted to shove that Le Creuset where the sun didn’t shine…….

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