Like a moth to an old flame…….

ex factor

Most of us have gone back to an ex…….and usually an ex that has treated us like dirt. What is so appealing about the ex factor? Is it a fear of being alone? Better the devil you know? Do we think we aren’t deserving of a better relationship with someone new? Just when you think your self esteem can’t get any lower you go back for more……and feel like you’ve done ten rounds with Mike Tyson by the end of it.

Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity which is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result! Does it work out – Carrie & Big style after repeated break ups?

If you are considering going back to an ex you’ve got to keep your eyes open and the blinkers off. Here are some handy tips you should consider before re-opening the ex-files.

– Why do you want to try again?

– Do you both want the same things for the future?

– Take off the rose coloured glasses and remember both the good times AND the bad times

– There is no initial exciting courting phase and ‘newness’ of a budding relationship. That phase has been and gone

– There will need to be actions instead of words in order for change and growth

– You’ll need to let go of the elephant memory and forget the past and wipe the slate clean

– And most importantly, have NO regrets!


Never give up on something that you think about daily!

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