Hey, not everyone’s into group text

group text

I met a guy out one night, we swapped numbers and I didn’t hear anything from him until late one night a few weeks later……oh he’s one of ‘those’ types of texters.

I ignored the text and same thing happened about a week later around the same time. Again ignore.

The next time I got a text it was during daylight hours asking me if I was free Friday night after work…..but by this stage I had deleted the number and I didn’t know who it was from. When I clicked on the number, I saw that three other numbers were included in the text to me.

What a romantic, a group text to me and three other girls I assume…….see who bites first! Cast that fishing net wide Casanova!!

I couldn’t help myself but to reply back to all, ‘oh I’m sorry, is this text for me or for the other recipients included?’

I promptly got a response back saying that he was including me on the group text with some of his buddies as he’s been super busy and trying to save time by texting us all at once.

Yeah….super busy……being a douchebag!

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