Happy Cringeworthy Valentines Day….

V Day

Valentines Day is looming upon us and each year I am reminded of  a certain cringeworthy V Day with a new flame.

We had been seeing each other about 6 weeks, hadn’t had ‘the chat’ by that stage and V Day was approaching. I wasn’t sure whether to buy a gift as I didn’t want to come across as being too keen but then I thought what if he buys me something and I’ve got nowt to give him? Didn’t want to look like a complete tight arse so I bought a bottle of really expensive massage oil and had it all gift wrapped nicely….

V Day fell on a Sunday that year and I remember the door bell rang  mid morning and there was the flower delivery guy with a HUGE bunch of long stemmed red roses for me…..I was ecstatic and also relieved I’d bought the gift for him.

I went running into my room and thanked him for the beautiful flowers and promptly presented him with his gift. He opened it up and then said, thanks for the gift, didn’t realise we were at the bf/gf stage yet? But you sent me these flowers? He replied, no these aren’t from me, I think they are for your flatmate….

She had the same name as me……#cringe #dying #dead

Her  new flame of less than a month had sent them to her.

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Eat, Travel, Love………from Paris with love x

This story was submitted to thesearethedatesofourlives by a friend of mine, a beautiful love story…….

I’m going to tell you my story of love that began in Paris.

I am a Brazilian girl and in early 2012, an old acquaintance added me on Facebook and MSN and so we started talking. Conversation goes well, we had so much in common, he arranged romantic dinners and we had an amazing connection. He lived 300 miles away but we saw each other when we could. Two months passed and after a long conversation on MSN on a Saturday night, I wake up on Sunday morning with a message: ‘Hello, have you already opened your email today?’
I was curious and I check my Inbox.There was a message from him with the subject title reading:  30 days in Paris. That’s right. The guy decided to make a surprise. However, he was not my boyfriend, my family (which is very traditional) didn’t know him, few of my friends knew we were seeing each other and he lived to more than 300 miles away. What to do? I asked my friends for help and the advice was of course you will go, check if your passport is valid, and have fun!
Paris has been my dream for so long. I knew everything about the city, places, restaurants, tours, …. how could I refuse such a tempting offer?  But as he wasn’t my boyfriend I was not sure how to accept his offer! It was a month of torment, pressure from family, friends, anxiety and tourist visa to arrange.Doubts, dreams, reality, all mixed together.
Finally Paris … we went … and it was beautiful and magical. That guy that was an old acquaintance became my boyfriend. He asked me to be his girlfriend at the foot of the Eiffel Tower exactly two years ago.  And so began our crazy life of travelling around the world.  And he doesn’t stop with the surprises. So I decided to make a travel blog telling our story and sharing tips and experiences of this world.
My life has become like a fairy tale, but it’s true and when love happens, is simply magical and everything you’ve dreamed happens. I found my Prince Charming after many falls. Therefore, we will always get up, and keep faith because we never know when love will invade our hearts. I appreciate the opportunity to tell this story to you and I invite you all to check out my blog.
Kisses……Beijos…. Bisous
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Elegantly Wasted?


Picture the scene……out on the town with relatively new boyfriend.

The wine is flowing, and out come the shots…..Sambuca. Ugh. Just one of those makes me feel like I’m gonna lose my dignity all over the place.

So why not be really big and clever and have a few shots in a row just to really get the party started! I wanted to impress my party loving boyfriend by showing him I could keep up the pace……

Keeping up meant falling down the stairs at the nightclub, whilst spewing and splitting my jeans right in the arse, with my arse cheeks and thong in full view of a heap of people queuing up to get into the club ……multi tasking at its pure finest 😉

The poor chap had to carry me home and then had the pleasure of sleeping next to me all night whilst I was still covered in vomit…..Charming! I’m sure I smelled of girlfriend material 🙂

I ended up dating him for 6 months and he repaid the favour tenfold by pooping in the bed after a big night and a chilli lamb kebab…….yummy! To this day, I still can’t do shots of Sambuca……or eat another lamb kebab.

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