Elegantly Wasted?


Picture the scene……out on the town with relatively new boyfriend.

The wine is flowing, and out come the shots…..Sambuca. Ugh. Just one of those makes me feel like I’m gonna lose my dignity all over the place.

So why not be really big and clever and have a few shots in a row just to really get the party started! I wanted to impress my party loving boyfriend by showing him I could keep up the pace……

Keeping up meant falling down the stairs at the nightclub, whilst spewing and splitting my jeans right in the arse, with my arse cheeks and thong in full view of a heap of people queuing up to get into the club ……multi tasking at its pure finest 😉

The poor chap had to carry me home and then had the pleasure of sleeping next to me all night whilst I was still covered in vomit…..Charming! I’m sure I smelled of girlfriend material 🙂

I ended up dating him for 6 months and he repaid the favour tenfold by pooping in the bed after a big night and a chilli lamb kebab…….yummy! To this day, I still can’t do shots of Sambuca……or eat another lamb kebab.

Got a story to tell? We want to hear it in all its guts and glory!!