When Prince Charming turns into Prince Harming

prince charming

I’m sure we’ve all been there before. Meet a guy and everything just seems too good to be true…..he’s attentive, he’s complimentary, and then all of a sudden there are slight comments or suggestions about your appearance, what you are wearing, your body shape, how you do your hair. Suggestions about how you should behave, socialise, etc etc.

But initially you ignore it as you are so head over heels you are keen to please them. And then all of a sudden you’ve gone from being an outgoing confident person to a nervous and neurotic wreck who has totally lost all self esteem and is second guessing everything.

But when does wanting to please your partner cross the line and turn you into a doormat who is being controlled?! The switch from Prince Charming to Prince Harming isn’t always that obvious.

What do you do? I can speak from past experiences where I did not have boundaries and allowed this sort of behaviour and ignored the red flags that were waving about in front of my eyes.

Having personal boundaries is so important. And the confidence to recognise such behaviour and red flags and nip it in the bud. Or alternatively, move on! There is most definitely someone out there who wouldn’t dream of trying to change you!

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All stories will be kept anonymous unless you want to name and shame!